Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Vacation Part 1: Thailand

As a public school English teacher, I am allotted 18 days of vacation: 10 days during winter and 8 during summer. These days have to be within a certain time slot (when the kids are not in school and we aren't teaching any winter/summer camps) and have to be approved by the big guys (aka my principal and vice principal).
I took my first 4 days from Dec. 28-31, meaning i had Dec 28-Jan 2 because of the weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn't have that Monday off since the kids were still in school. Shelley and I shipped off to Thailand on December 28 and arrived at the Bangkok airport around midnight.
Goodbye snow!!!
DAY 1: Bangkok
We arrived at our cute little hostel, where the front desk staff was patiently awaiting our arrival. Oddly enough, our roommates ended up being English teachers from Korea and one of them went to school at UCSB... small world.
The front of our hostel was a cafe,
equipped with a delicious breakfast and
a friendly staff with plenty of travel tips

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vacation Updates Coming Soon

Now that my vacation days are officially over, I am working on updating you all on my travels.
I just came back from a 10 day vacation in the Philippines and I had a 6 day vacation in Thailand after Christmas. New blog posts coming soon about them, I promise!
Meanwhile, I am adjusting to sitting at my desk instead of the white sand beaches of Boracay....

A little of what is to come: