Friday, September 9, 2011

Chuseok: Year 2

I am working on Vietnam: Part 2. Trust me.. I haven't forgotten! (Well, maybe I did a little)

Until then... Happy Chuseok weekend! The principle surprised all of the teachers with a little "Thanksgiving" present this morning. A box of 12 cans of spam! WOO! I have no idea how to cook spam... or don't know if I even want to. But, it was a very nice gesture nonetheless.

If you were here from the start, you probably remember that Chuseok is about the time I started up this blog (Chuseok 2010). Last year, I arrived the day before the Chuseok holiday started and didn't know anyone, was completely disoriented, and was basically clueless. A year later, I can officially say that I have met some amazing people and have learned so many things that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I have 4 more days left of teaching... FOUR DAYS!? I don't know how the time just flew by or where the months have gone. In a week, I'm packing up my things and movin' on out-- movin' on out to Seoul for a few months that is. My original plan was, go to Korea for a year and be back in good ole America by this time. Unfortunately for my family and friends, I have met someone worth sticking around a little longer for :) Fortunately for me, I get to stick around with all of these great people for a little while longer (and finally go to Japan in a month!).

For now, Happy Chuseok everyone :) (If you want to learn more about the holiday, I found this helpful link: Chuseok)

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