Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Desk Warming

Monday marked my first day of desk warming. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is the time during winter or summer when the students are not at school, yet us English teachers are required to come to school anyway and, well, warm our desk. They decided to take the door off of my office (painting and putting on new doors eventually) so I have to sit in the main teacher office for awhile and can't do whatever I want, such as watch movies, sleep, etc. School doesn't start up until the end of February and I am already bored.... One of my coteachers gets to go home at 12 these days, but refers to it as "Daegu JoongAng Middle Jail" for me. This video describes it perfectly: "Hitler Has to Desk Warm"

But, it isn't all bad news. I was fortunate enough to go with the winter school kids on Wednesday to the shooting range to try my luck at clay shooting. Don't ask what this has to do with school AT ALL, but it was fun.

I also had a "cooking class" on Tuesday. I was required to make a sandwich (I chose an egg salad sandwich because that is the only one that would take up a decent amount of time). My class was scheduled to start at 10am.
Here is what the time line looked like:
10am- No co-teacher or students in sight.
10:05- I call my coteacher, she says sorry that she is late and the students are upstairs in the computer lab (I am assuming she is shopping for the things we need to cook the egg salad sandwiches).
10:10- I find the computer lab and students are playing computer games (surprise surprise). I ask them for help turning on the powerpoint. Lowest level English speakers equals ZERO help. Their eyes go back to playing games.
10:15- Go back downstairs to try to find the tech guy. Tech guy located.
10:35- Powerpoint and big screen FINALLY working and I am ready to teach English cooking words.
10:36- A teacher runs into the room and tells me to come with him... we need to go grocery shopping.
10:45- Arrive at market and co-teacher is waiting for us there.
11:05- Leave market.
11:10-Arrive back at school and set  up equipment
11:20- Start boiling eggs. Me: (Thinking) Uhhhh class is over in 40 minutes. "I didn't have time to teach them anything yet." Co-teacher: "It's ok. You are just there so students can cook with native English teacher." Um, ok. Pictures are taken.
12:15- Students get to finally eat their sandwichs. "Teacherrrr, not good. Eat." Sandwich shoved into my mouth. They wanted sugar in their sandwiches... sorry kids, we don't put sugar in everything in America.
12:30-2:00- Me and another teacher boiling, mashing, and mixing eggs to make sandwiches for all 15 teachers who are still at school.
To say the least, it was a completely pointless class and even further enforced the point that it really doesn't matter if I actually teach the kids anything. Most of us native English teachers are just showpieces.

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