Monday, December 13, 2010

Namwon and Paintballing

On November 20th, I went to small city called Namwon (in Joellabuk-do, a province Southwest of Daegu) to go paintballing. We took a cab ride about 30 minutes away from the city and then hiked up a small hill. We were basically running through the woods, hiding behind small trees, and killing each other with paintballs that weren't bursting because it was too cold. It definitely was not like the experience I had at Camp Pendelton in San Diego last year, but it was still fun. In the last game of the day, we played sudden death... everyone for themselves. This equaled death for me... I got slammed with paintballs the second the whistle blew. For about 2 weeks after paintballing, I had bruises all over my body (which in my opinion were well worth it)! After, we went out for a very delicious duck dinner... 4 courses of duck: steamed, soup, some burger type duck, and spicy. The next day, my friend Shaun took me to Namwon's big garden, Gwanghallu Garden. Apparently there is a Romeo & Juliet type story (Chunhyang) in Korea that took place in Namwon... which is how the city earned the title "the city of love."
Paintball in Namwon 

Biggest koi fish I've ever seen
Korean Romeo and Juliet

The swing where Korean Juliet was
sitting when they first saw each other

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