Thursday, December 9, 2010

Woobang Land- November 13

For Shelley's birthday, we went to one of Daegu's theme parks: Woobang Tower Land. Now, this is hardly comparable to any theme park in the states, but it was run definitely fun to run around like little kids for the day. If anything, it was like a bigger and more permanent state fair (with a few dangerous rides....) The park was equipped with a "haunted" house, carousel, bumper cars, roller coasters, theme park games, all of that bad-for-you food, petting zoo, and even a bar. We even had our first brush with Christmas decorations... so exciting :)

Woobang Tower

The not so scary haunted house
The genie isn't in his prime anymore.
And apparently Aladdin changed the spelling of his name...
Stroller parking in Korea means leaving
your kid in the stroller as well.
Click to enlarge...
I love Korea's signs that are translated into English

You could only pet these poor puppies out of this small hole 
Dogs in a petting zoo?

Woobang Land at sunset.
Woobang Tower "bungee jumping"
Re: Dangerous Rides...
Please notice how my butt is not making
 contact with the seat (I am next to the guy in the purple).
It spun around and around, bumping up and down.
No seatbelts. Death trap.
For a small fee, you can ride these robotic animals...
I swear we are adults.
Our Woobang group!
(Top to bottom, L to R)
Andre, Mark, Roberta, Shaun,
Jose, Shelley, Me, Jaco,
Carel (missing Hannes)

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