Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloweenday!

Happy Halloween! or as they say in some places in Korea... Happy Halloweenday!
Like I previously mentioned, I kicked off Halloween week with a plethora of holiday themed lessons. "This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!" Not only did that song get stuck in my head for DAYS, I also got it stuck in the heads of the kids (muhahaha if I have to suffer, they have to suffer with me!) I was playing the song on Friday for my last class, meaning almost every other student in the school had gone through my Halloween lecture already. After class, one of the math teachers said the students in her class could hear the song from across the hall and were singing along haha. Uh oh, I feel as though I may be hearing this song for many weeks to come....

I don't know if I've mentioned yet, but every Friday I have Korean language lessons, put on for free by the District Metropolitan Office of Education. (Let's be real... I have only been to 2 classes out of 7. Not completely my fault though. I joined the 5th week.) I can now read kind of, even though I may not know the meaning of what I'm reading. So, I went to Korean class on Friday. I get to leave about 45 mins early from school so that I can make it to class by 4:30. We got filmed by some random people for a promo thing, talked about ordering in a restaurant , and then class was over at 6pm. Some of us then went to dinner downtown at a Korean BBQ place. So delicious....
After dinner, we headed to our favorite bar, Thursday Party. Somewhere along the line, we picked up our friends from out of town (Hannes, David, Tim, Malcolm). We had drinks and fun, as always with this crowd. We are lucky that all of the cities in Daegu are close enough that we can hang out almost every weekend if we want to (which is what has been happening)!
Patrick, Malcolm, Shelley, David, Hannes
Jose and I playing with our food (salty, dry spaghetti noodle type things?)
The next day, we all met up for lunch at a place called The Holy Grill. Think all of the comfort foods you are used to eating from home. I ordered a delicious (yet still not like Cali) breakfast burrito. Little fact: people not from America do not know what a breakfast burrito is. How bizzare!! Other foods around the table were steak sandwiches, nachos, western style breakfasts, hamburgers, and more. After we did a little more costume shopping. For the record, there are hardly ANY costume shops in Daegu. We found one in the subway shops near the Lotte store. But, besides belly dancing shops (apparently it's a big fad here) and wig shops (every corner), there was next to nothing. Time to get creative.

Once night rolled around, we met back at Thursday Party. There was a giant Halloween pub/bar crawl in the downtown area, but we chose to make our own route. We hung out for awhile, saw friends, roamed around to a few different bars, and somehow ended up at a norebang by the end of the night! Plenty of foreigners and even Korean with amazing and creative costumes! All in all, excellent Halloween (but still nothing that even compares to Isla Vista!)
Erin, David, Ross, Bridgette (loved the costume! crazy cat lady), Me
Minnie! Had to make my own shirt. Do you know how hard it is to find a tank top in Korea!? And then, find one in red??
Bah bah black sheep (Stole this from Roberta) 
"Where the F*ck am I?!" (Roberta too)
Stole this from someone but thought it was awesome... Lego man
Jose as a very convincing Ajumma
Best costume: Edward Scissorhands, with Shelley and I
Late night norebang!

And apparently someone at VAVi decided to put me on the Halloween posters/tickets for the Halloween party at Typhoon. I'm famous in San Diego and I didn't even know it! I all of a sudden started hearing from friends that I was all over SD. Thanks guys..... haha :)

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