Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Week in Pictures (Nov 1)

Fall in Daegu
A mug a found at Home Plus
Too cute, I had to buy it!
In our office- the teachers teaching me Korean
1) means enjoy your meal 2) means have a good class

We went to Dr. Fish last week... for anyone searching for it, it is located downtown across from Uniqlo (2nd floor). Not knowing what to expect, Shelley and I walked up the stairs and into this cozy, quaint little bookstore and coffee shop. We paid an entrance fee and for the fish treatment (a little more than 5,000 won... a treatment that costs at least 8 times that in the Western countries). This price included unlimited coffee and delicious breads. We sat in the cafe, a little unsure of what we were supposed to do. We could see the fish tanks from our seats but no one really told us instructions. So we enjoyed the bread bar for awhile, looking around every once in awhile to see what other people were doing. Finally, a girl (Korean, with an Aussie accent... odd) brought us to the tanks. We washed our feet and then dipped them into the water. Swarms of these little fish started nibbling on our feet. This treatment is used in order to get rid of dead skin... which the fish eat (ew). I really am not the most ticklish person on the world, but this was deadly. I was squirming for at least a few minutes until I got used to the little bites. It basically felt like little bubbles or jets all around your feet. Probably on of the more odd things I've ever felt but I would definitely do it again! My feet felt very smooth after (or maybe it was my imagination?) and it was a very relaxing 15 minutes. The cafe is also a place I would go back to, even sans fish!
Not sure how to feel just yet....

Attacking my heels, in between my toes and the sides of my feet!!

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