Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Lunch Menu...

Today's lunch menu: rice & kimchi (as always), corn dog, and curry. I swear, in Korea they throw together any and every type of food combination!

Some of my favorite lowest level first graders are teaching me low level Korean... the conversation went something like this:
Alex: "You speak little Korean?"
Me: "Oh, no. Not really."
Alex: "Just a little??"
Me: "No, sorry."
Min Gi: "Annyanghaseyo." (Bows)... This means "hello"
Me: "Huh? Hello?" (confused. Is he saying "hi" to me?)
Min Gi: (Still staring at me and bows again.) "Annyanghaseyo!..."
Me: Ohhh I get it. "Annyanhaseyo...?"
Alex and Min Gi: "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" (clapping their hands)

And for some reason, I was really proud of my students this week. I found myself thinking, wow that was incredible, a lot. I did a kind of difficult lesson on inventions this week for all of my classes. They are incredibly creative and will randomly say some vocab that I didn't know they knew. One student said that the most useful invention was a clock because back in the day, they had to tell time with the sun... (and he went on about it for a little). Way more advanced than my student who said, computer because computer games I like play. Their imaginations are amazing and they came up with very unique inventions. To be honest, I think a lot of people lose their creativity as they become adults, so it is nice being able to hear all of the crazy things these kids come up with.

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