Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pepero Day and Crazy Inventions

Pepero Day was on November 11... 11-11. If you have ever heard of or eaten Pocky, Pepero is the EXACT same thing. It is basically like Valentines day. People buy loved ones boxes of Pepero, which you can find at every single store weeks leading up to 11-11 (get it? Pepero is like a stick, so they symbolize the 1's). I got many boxes from both teachers and kids :) Let's bring this holiday to America!!

The week of Nov 8, I taught inventions to the kids. They got a chance to come up with their own "crazy inventions" and here are some of the results...
"Fly unblella" They were going for umbrella, I believe.

It's a TV you can control with your voice!

Great illustrations

ddong=poop and the kids love talking and writing about it


The boys names were Jack, Up, and Down.
Therefore they named their group: "Jack is up and down."

Best drawing of the week.

"but, you must say English food name."

Group name: "KKK"
"If we turn clock niddle..."
What is it worth?: "$100,000,000,0000 (Don't buy it)"

Hahah I enjoyed this drawing.

Group name: "Copy and Paste" (a popular song in Korea right now)
What is it worth?: "More than you can imagine.~!"

The face copier

"We have many idea than Don't tell me secret"
This later turned into "Pandora's box"
(My kids are so imaginative!) 
And then, two random name tags that I recently noticed: "I want to make facebook friends!" and "Daniel P.Y.T."

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