Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Air Raids and other Disasters. SURPRISE!!

Good thing my school told me about this drill... NOT.
All of a sudden a broadcast came over the loud speaker, then air raid sirens started going off.... and are still going. Welcome to scare-the-waygook (foreigner) day!! The government is conducting civil defense training today across the nation so people know what to do in case some disaster (such as a North Korean attack) were to happen. --I guess kind of like us Californian's version of an earthquake drill at school, but more serious.-- I was told about a "talk" about South and North Korea that would occur today, but it would've been nice to know a few more specifics. And speaking of specifics, how are us foreigners supposed to know what to do in the event of an emergency since this whole broadcast is in Korean??

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Michael "Skipper" Donnelly said...

Those in the areas affected by the food and mouth disease will not participate in the drill???

Is this how you find out about these things too?