Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st Annual Daejeon Rock Festival

Sorry for being M.I.A. but I have been crazyyy busy lately! I'll make a few new posts to update you all on my life. First up is the 1st Annual Daejeon Rock Festival...

My friend Shelley and I took the KTX to Daejeon (between Daegu and Seoul) last Saturday. We got there and picked the first random motel we saw by the KTX station... only 30,000 won for a night! We then grabbed a taxi and headed over to the Daejeon Convention Center where the festival was being held. One part was right on the river and the other was across the street in the parking lot of the convention center. The river area was mostly dedicated to family activities: trampolines, kid stuff, and family/korean music. The area we spent most of our time in had all of the younger adults, international food, beer garden, and pretty good music.  We met up with some friends from the EPIK orientation who live all over Korea. 

Daejeon at night and chinese lanterns
Hannes, me, Shelley, Carel
Boobi boobi!
pancake mmm

Delicious meat skewers

The concert was cut short at around 11pm by the police. I don't know how they do things here, but I would think that a festival put on by the city of Daejeon to increase tourism wouldn't be shut down... oh well. The remaining bands were still able to perform... they were spread out around the city at different clubs. We headed to Yellow Taxi and saw a great reggae band perform. The next day we caught up with some friends to get lunch: pizza. Let me tell you, pizza is NOT the same here as it is at home. It either has weird ingredients on it or is oddly stuffed with sweet potato. I think I am turned off of pizza all because of that one restaurant we went to. 4 pizzas, 8 people, death.
BUT... All in all, great music, food, and friends!


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FUN!!! I figured out how to post!
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what do you mean can you meet friends??