Monday, October 25, 2010

Daegu New Teacher Dinner and Other Stuff

This really happened... 
Bar snacks here aren't just beer nuts.
Corn with some cheesy substance, fish chips (GROSS),
curry popcorn, and dessert ice (see below)

Dessert ice: crushed ice, milk, frosted flakes, fruit cocktail, chocolate syrup. It really doesn't sound good but it is pretty delicious.

 Last Wednesday, the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education threw a welcome dinner for all of the NETs (New English Teachers) in Daegu. It was at this nice little brewery with all you can eat AND drink for 10,000 won. Delicious food and beer that is not Hite or Cass?? Let me tell you, everyone made it to that dinner. The beer was delicious, the company was great, and the music was good-ish. They threw in a little "no sexual harassment" speech and other such rules for a few minutes, but the majority of the time was spent getting to know people and hanging out with friends.

"Send failed. Are you retry?"
Eric, Jose, Logan, Shelley and our jug of beer
The entertainment for the night
The other end of the table
Trying to discretely capture the mullet behind us.
Didn't work quite so well.

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