Monday, October 11, 2010

Midterms and Fruit Trucks

It's midterm time! Today and yesterday are middle school midterms... This means that I get to sit in my office all day doing nothing (actually I should be lesson planning but the procrastinator in me says NO) and the day ends around 12:30! I guess it is tradition at my school for all of the teachers to go out to lunch on the first day of midterms. We went to a restaurant on Jjimgalbi street that serves the traditional Daegu dish, Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi. "This has been a dish unique to Daegu with ribs cooked in a worn out aluminum pot along with spicy powdered pepper and chopped garlic." - One of the math teachers said it had way too much garlic for her taste, but I never knew "too much garlic" existed (delicious!). On the other hand, it definitely was really spicy. All of the teachers are always worried that any food will be too spicy for me. Another thing you need to know about Koreans is they will make you eat until you explode... and will always make sure that you have eaten every meal! A full belly is a happy belly!
As unappetizing as this looks...
it was delicious

Hang drying my laundry from now on.
On a whole different note, there are these trucks that drive up and down the street selling produce and rice and stuff like that . They are always playing a prerecorded message, saying something like "Fresh fruit for sale!" (hah just kidding I have no idea what it is actually saying)... but the trucks LOVE to stop right outside my apartment for up to 30 mins at a time. A few minutes would be ok, but watch the video above and you can see how this mayyyy get a little annoying after awhile. Today was no exception. You can even see two trucks in my intersection at once ahhh!


Michael "Skipper" Donnelly said...

That's annoying after 24 seconds.

blog said...

Duuuude, I totally want to come visit and try that Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi dish. Are you planning any trips back to Seoul any time soon?

Caitlin said...

who posted as "blog"?? whoever it is, definitely come get dongin-dong jjimgalbi with me... it's so good :)