Friday, October 8, 2010

Health Check Just In

I am officially HIV/AIDS free and drug free! Meaning, according to the Korean government, I am allowed to officially stay! YAYYY... Also, I went to go get my Alien Registration Card (ARC) and multiple-entry visa (meaning, I can come and go from the country as I please). The ARC will arrive in approximately 2 weeks. THIS means 2 more weeks without a phone. Phone companies here usually require an ARC when starting a new contract because without one, you could up and leave the country without any warning. You know how we all say, remember the days without cell phones and what did we used to do without them?? Welcome to my world. Thankfully I have internet at least. So, plans must be kept and must be very specific. No more "I'll meet you at 5, but I'll let you know if I'm going to be late. Just go to the store and I'll call you when I get there." 
ALSO, it is Friday... I made it through an entire week of teaching and am still alive! I now understand that weekends are so much more precious when you are working full time. 

My apartment building

Beer pong at the bar, Thursday Party.
Sorry Mom and Dad.
Actually, just Mom... Dad will probably get a laugh.

My desk/office in the "English Zone"

Oh yes... I went there
Socks and sandals are all the rage here.
I actually have no choice in the matter.
Inside sandals at school=mandatory.

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Michael "Skipper" Donnelly said...

Dad DID get a laugh, at the game AND your shoes! I'm so glad you get to officially stay honey...