Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Your Own Sports Team!

For class this week (the ones that aren't still taking the speaking tests), I have been teaching the kids a little about American sports. One of the tasks for the higher level students was to invent their own sport. The lowest level was responsible for picking a sport and creating their own team. Here are some of the more creative results (click on the picture to get a bigger view):

Survivor ball
Players are have to hit the another players with the baseball.
Championship game: battle royal
Insect fight
Insect avoid obstacles and fight each other. 
War with Ball
Equipment: mask, ten volleyball, ten soccer ball, five basketball, +chair & desk, twenty baseball, fifty tennis ball, and one golf ball
Put on mask and throw ball to each other; who give-up that team is lose.
Championship game: money or die
Hit Frank with bat! (side note: "Frank" was one of the members in the group)
Equipment: bat, Frank
Hit Frank far away.
What does MLB mean?
"Major League Baseful"
"Daegu Snakes.
Our team is great but."
Please note the shoes.
"Daegu Stars
Our team is the shine and best."
"Daegu Human
Our team is ball SPEED is very goob but bat Hit is bad."

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